Monday, 25 June 2012

Kareena Kapoor credits her waiflike body to a balanced diet and a strict yoga regime as well. The once curvaceous actress denies reports of starving herself, Kareena insists her body is the result of hard work and was happy to reveal her healthy eating tips:

Kareena Kapoor Weight loose and Diet chart

Diet Chart :
1. Morning Tea/Coffee
2. Alternates breakfast with a bowl of muesli with nuts or two parathas and yoghurt
3. Lunch and dinner consists of chapatis with lots of green vegetables and dal
4. Snacks every three hours with nuts and milk for energy
5. No rice
6. Drinks two bottles of electral
7. Says she loves cheese and eats at least one slice because of its protein content and fatty acids
8. Dinner - Dal and Salad

Yoga Exercise :
1000 Nos Kapalbharti and 50 Times surya Namaskar


  1. wow! 1000 kapalbhati!!! hmm interesting :)

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