Saturday, 23 June 2012

I made this post to share my experiences with your girls. Many girls think to look good and for taking good care of yourself  we have to spend so much money and time, but in this post I am gonna share few useful steps to pamper yourself without spending so much money and time. These are very simple tips. You don’t need to do any hassle to have these tips and enjoy the beauty at affordable cost. Lets have a look!

How to look beautiful

Shiny & Strong Hairs
To make your hair shiny and strong, after taking a shower apply olive oil into damp hair. It will make your hair shiny and much stronger and do not comb/rub your hair with towel when they are wet.
Acne prone skin
Use Rose water often and wash your skin with gentle soap like Dove for acne prone skin. It makes your skin a lot less oily because its PH balanced.
Clay Mask
A Clay Mask works wonders on oily skin!
Soft And Silky Skin
For a deep, moisturizing skin treatment apply olive oil to your skin once a week. Let it soak in while you take a steamy shower, and blot out the excess with a tissue. Do not wash your wash too much in winters,
Women who wear make-up should carry out a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing each evening, as well as washing the face in the morning. Cleansing will remove old make-up and the grime and grease that have been accumulated during the day.
Eye Makeup
Before applying an eye shadow do not forget to apply a good eye primer of a concealer underneath the eye shadow. It helps to convert chalky eye shadow into glossy and shiney look and the eye shadow stay on longer.
Eyelash curler
Do not curl your eyelashes often because it will make your lashes to get damage , but when you use eyelashes curler do not forget to checkout the rubber plates are in tact over the metal then you are might want to lightly heat the curler with your blow dryer before you curl them then add the mascara before the lash cools...will hold the curl better.
Remove Stubborn eye makeup
Always use a good makeup remover when you removing makeup or use petroleum jelly or cold cream to remove stubborn eye makeup. its cheap and it works (even on waterproof mascara), but do not try to rub your eyes with tissue or do not wash them with soup.
Bloting Oily Skin
Instead of buying expensive oil blotter papers, buy a box of perm papers. Very cheap and works great for blotting oily skin.
Reduce Redness
Spray your face with cold water or stand with your head in the air from the freezer for a few moments to reduce redness also you can use ice cube to reduce the redness of waxing or threading.

Never, ever go to sleep without washing off your make.
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