Wednesday, 20 June 2012

No doubt, pulling out eyebrows is a bit painful and annoying. But if you use the right tools, it wouldn’t remain as painful experience as it used to be. Invest in a few quality tweezers, preferably with flat slanted ends, manicure scissors, magnifying mirror and lash comb to do plucking perfectly and painlessly.

How to shape your eyebrow perfectly?
  1. In this post i will teach secrets to shape your eye brows.
  2. Determine a suitable brow shape use a white kohl liner to mark your brows.
  3. Align pencil with outer nose & inner eye. this will determinate the start of your eye brow.
  4. Align pencil with outer nose and end of your eyes this will determinate the where your brows will end.
  5. Use a brown pencil to create a guideline for tweezing, this will prevent over plucking.
  6. Draw the line underneath your brows. 
  7. Pluck all the hair blow the line. if it's your first time tweezing, place an ice cube on your lid.
  8. Now just take the regular brush and just brush the hair up.
  9. Moisturize the top of your brows, this will make the surface easier to shave on it.
  10. Now use a eye brow razer because top of the brows are hard to pluck, these make it easy!
  11. Start shaping the top of your brow, don't shave your actual brow, but the tiny hair above.
  12. Shave in the same direction of your hair growth, take your time because you do not want to cut yourself.
  13. To create the higher arch, pluck underneath the arch.
  14. Fill in brow with pencil to see what it will look like, i prefer to use brow powder, but this is for the demonstration purpose.
  15. Use the brush to feather out the pencil, For a natural youthful look, feather it out very well.



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