Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Solution for gray hair
Solution for gray hair

Hair grows gray naturally, so why not reverse it naturally as well? 
First, you need to understand what turns your hair gray. There may be a variety of causes, such as stress, illness, heredity, overuse of chemicals and treatment, vitamin and nutrient deficiency, or any combination thereof. But the key issue is a rapid decline in melanin, which gives pigmentation, or color, to the hair. When the melanin molecules separate from each other, the hair takes on a gray appearance. When the body’s production of melanin decreases, the hair turns gray. So to increase your body’s production of melanin you need to fortify yourself inside and out with these home remedies for graying hair. Beef up the protein. Be strong as iron. Mellow out. Stress reduction is an easy home remedy for graying hair. Applying Onion paste on the scalp for days before taking bath helps grey hair to turn gradually. 
Lemon juice mixed with Gooseberry (Amla) powder applied on the scalp for few days helps grey hair to turn black gradually. 
Eating Sesame (Til) seeds daily and applying its oil regularly helps grey hair to turn black.


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