Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kurtas can rightfully be categorized as south Asia’s most adored ensemble for both men and women during the 1940’s and now in 2013 the love has outgrown into a gargantuan. No matter how hard Asians try to pull away from the luxe of the ensemble, its comfortability has pierced right through and made a special place in our heart.
Kurtas does not just hold a special place in our heart but they have eastern traditional values attached with them. Our elders emphasize on wearing them with our traditional pajamas in place of a top or a jeans. Our society emphasizes on promoting our own cultures and traditions instead of promoting the cultures of the west. However they do not know that without the need of all of this emphasis being laid on wearing our eastern traditional wear, we already prefer to wear it over anything else.

These traditional kameez are not just very dear to our forefathers but also to us. For a number of self-centered reasons mentioned below;

1.       I do not really know how it was back in the 40’s but now when we happen to be a part of 2013; our traditional wear has been revamped with the addition of designer cuts to it.

2.       As for woman; 20th century has, or more precisely, the designers have modified their attire with the increment of motifs, laces, ribbons and lush velvet, pure silk, pure chiffon add-ups and put a touch of extravagance in them.

3.       Their threads are amalgamated in such a way to leave molecular spaces that allow air molecules to seep through the fabric and keep the space between the kameez (traditional word for shirts) and you, airy.

4.       They are made to be light-textured, so light that they don’t even feel on your body.

5.       When you wear them, your elders love you more. Besides they add a traditional touch to your personality.

6.       They are good to be worn at office or even at a casual event like going to meet a friend.

For people who never have, experience the feel of wearing the comfiest of comfy shalwar kurta.


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